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World Series Results

DATE: Nov-25, 2023

Our 2023 World Series was netplayed yesterday and we have a winner. The Blaze upset the Bandits to claim the title in 6 games. I've attached the final playoff LZP... though it doesn't quite include all playoff results from earlier rounds.

When you look at these numbers, you'd think the Bandits would have likely won it:

  • The Bandits' hitters had a .661 OPS. Blaze hitters had a .590 OPS.
  • Bandits had 69 base runners to 54 for the Blaze.
  • Bandits had 17 extra-base hits to 12 for the Blaze.

However, these other things tell a different story:

  • Bandits had 46 LOB, while the Blaze only left 31 runners on.
  • Blaze defense turned 10 DPs (8 in the first 2 games alone) to just 2 for the Bandits' defense.
  • Blaze had 11 stolen bases to only 1 for the Bandits.

Here's a game by game rundown...

Game 1: Alcantara and Manoah each went 8 innings without allowing any earned runs. There were only 5 hits combined in the game. The lone run came in the 4th inning as Justin Turner's faulty defense gave up a single and an error on the same play... allowing Gimenez to score from 1st base. Blaze win 1-0.

Game 2: Bandits had 9 base runners during Carlos Rodon's 4 innings of work, but could only score 3 runs. Meanwhile, the Blaze chipped away getting clutch hit after clutch hit off Verlander to score 5 middle inning runs. The Bandits had plenty of chances to score more runs, but grounded into key DPs to end each of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th innings. It was 5 DPs total they hit into for the game. Blaze win 5-4.

Game 3: Bandits' SS Bogaerts was injured in his first AB and that caused their defense to unravel... with Arcia (their backup SS) subsequently committing a pair of errors leading to 4 unearned Blaze runs scoring and it was 6-0 Blaze after 5 innings. Bandits left on 9 runners, while Trea Turner hit 3 homers for the Blaze. Blaze win 8-3.

Game 4: Facing elimination, the Bandits rallied for an 11-inning victory (winning on Goldschmidt's walkoff homer)... despite Edwin Diaz blowing a 9th inning save chance. It probably shouldn't have made it all the way to the 11th inning as the Bandits again held a 12-5 edge in runners left of base. Bandits win 5-4.

Game 5: Again facing elimination, Justin Verlander was stellar. He faced one batter over the minimum through 7 innings before allowing a solo homer in the 8th. Three Bandits relievers slammed the door without allowing any hits after that homer to preserve the victory and necessitate a game 6. Bandits win 3-1.

Game 6: A combination of unearned runs (via an error and a wild pitch) and clutch 2-out singles gave the Blaze an 5-0 lead after 4 innings. The Bandits had plenty of chances for their own clutch 2-out hits, but left on another 9 runners as those hits did not come. Blaze win 5-1.

Browns / Pelicans Trade

DATE: Oct-30, 2023

To Browns: LHP Martin Perez

To Pelicans: SS Javier Baez

Browns / Gypsies Trade

DATE: Oct-27, 2023

To Browns: 10K

To Gypsies: 2B Santiago Espinal

Bandits / Blaze Trade

DATE: Oct-25, 2023

To Bandits: OF Oswaldo Cabrera

To Blaze: 20K

Blaze / Expos Trade

DATE: Oct-25, 2023

To Blaze: 10K

To Expos: LHP Brooks Raley

Blaze / Stars Trade

DATE: Oct-25, 2023

To Blaze: 20K

To Stars: LHP Caleb Ferguson

Bandits / Gypsies Trade

DATE: Oct-25, 2023

To Bandits: RHP Gregory Santos, RHP Colin Holderman and 150K

To Gypsies: RHP Justin Verlander

Blaze / Browns Trade

DATE: Oct-25, 2023

To Blaze: 30K

To Browns: SS Nick Allen

Gypsies / Pelicans Trade

DATE: Oct-25, 2023

To Gypsies: 45K

To Pelicans: SS Joey Wendle and RHP Hunter Gaddis

Bandits / Grays Trade

DATE: Oct-14, 2023

To Bandits: OF Rob Refsnyder, OF Joey Gallo and 70K

To Grays: RHP Thomas Harrington

Grays / Pilots Trade

DATE: Oct-11, 2023

To Grays: OF Nelson Velazquez

To Pilots: INF Cristofer Torin and RHP Cade Kuehler

Bandits / Grays Trade

DATE: Oct-11, 2023

To Bandits: Alek Thomas, 3B Aidan Miller, RHP Anthony Desclafani and 45K

To Grays: RHP Tyler Glasnow

Pelicans / Pilots Trade

DATE: Oct-05, 2023

To Pelicans: 2B Nick Gonzalez

To Pilots: RHP Richard Fitts

2023 Playoff Teams Set

DATE: Oct-04, 2023

The 2023 RML playoffs will look like this...

American Conference:

  • The Pelicans will play the Gypsies in the 5-game wildcard series (with the Gypsies being the home team).
  • The winner of the wildcard series will advance to play the Grays in the division series (with the Grays as the home team).
  • The Captains will play the Blaze in the other AC divisional series (with the Blaze as the home team).

National Conference:

  • The Browns and Reds are the 2 NC wildcard teams. However, the Pilgrims won the NC West with an under .500 record and don't qualify for the playoffs, the Dodgers will be the 3rd wildcard team. Since the Browns and Reds finished with identical records of 97-65, they will play a 1-game playoff series to determine who must play the Dodgers in the wildcard series. Lloyd has determined by coin flip that the Browns will be the home team for that 1-game series.
  • The winner of the eventual wildcard series will advance to play the Bandits in the divisional series (with the Bandits as the home team).
  • The winner of the Browns/Reds 1-game series will play the Stars in the other divisional series (the Stars will get the home field advantage because they were a division winner while their eventual opponent was the best of the 3 wildcard teams... even though they had a better record than the Stars).

League Average OPS

DATE: Oct-04, 2023

The 2023 MLB league average OPS ended at .734, so for our 2024 RML season, that would make:

  • Hitters unlimited at .609 and under
  • Pitchers unlimited at .784 and over

Browns / Grays Trade

DATE: Sep-16, 2023

To Browns: LHP Ranger Suarez, LHP Cooper Hjerpe and OF Colton Ledbetter

To Grays: RHP Sonny Gray