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Oct-31, 2019

First Trading Period Ends

Nov-09, 2019

Payrolls Due

Nov-09, 2019

$10 League Dues to Lloyd

Nov-30, 2019

Free Agent Bids In

Dec-07, 2019

Free Agent Draft Results Posted



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Blaze-Pelicans Trade

DATE: Oct-14, 2019

To Blaze: 10K

To Pelicans: RHP Ryan Brasier

Gypsies-RiverDogs Trade

DATE: Oct-14, 2019

To Gypsies: 1B Joey Votto

To River Dogs: LHP David Price and RHP Aaron Brooks

Blaze-Highlanders Trade

DATE: Oct-13, 2019

To Blaze: RHP Ryan Brasier, RHP Adbert Alzolay, OF Maurice Hampton and SS Lucius Fox

To Highlanders: LHP Zack Britton

Pilots-Yellow Jackets Trade

DATE: Oct-08, 2019

To Pilots: 3B Hudson Potts

To Yellow Jackets: RHP Peter Lambert

Knights-Pilots Trade

DATE: Oct-08, 2019

To Knight: LHP Drew Pomeranz

To Pilots: RHP Stephen Kolek

Browns-Indians Trade

DATE: Oct-08, 2019

To Browns: 57K

To Indians: C Grayson Greiner

Master Roster updated

DATE: Oct-08, 2019

The RML Master Roster file in the Downloads dropdown has been updated to include 2 new columns showing contract status for the upcoming season. Highlighted cells in those 2 columns indicate an expired contract.

It has also had the new 'Bats' column fixed. Hopefully they are all correct now.

RML Update

DATE: Oct-06, 2019

Now that we've re-instating league dues, the preferred method of paying them is to mail a $10 check to Lloyd (made out to him personally) at his address listed in the Manager Directory. The deadline is November 9th.

We now have a 'Rule Change and Voting' committee that will be in charge of those areas... including making the rules governing rule changes and voting. The 3-member committee consists of Dave Scott (Twins), Mike Borzenski (Mudhens) and George Calage (Reds). They're going to be monitoring the message board rule change forum, but you can and should interact with them concerning your ideas too.

The first playoff LZP has been sent, so we can get the wildcard series started. The matchups are: Monarchs at Blaze in the AC and Reds at Yellow Jackets in the NC. These results are due to be reported to Mark by October 15th.

Several files in the downloads dropdown have been updated (and they were also included earlier today in a group email). The files are:

  1. Preliminary unowned player list complete with usage and OPS numbers for all players and a position summary for each player from baseball-reference.com.
  2. A new 'current player / money totals' file in a new format. I converted it into a spreadsheet since it lends itself better to that format. I'm not going to updating the player totals until after payrolls are submitted in November. Only money is being updated actively for now.
  3. The RML master roster file which I've added 15 columns to the right of the historical columns. Most of the new columns are self explanatory, but here's an explanation of some things that might not be. Some players in the 'Protected Rate' column are highlighted. Those are the players eligible for long term contracts. A small number of players in the 'Minimum Offer' column are highlighted. Those are the players who were in contracts needing to be bought out because they aren't carded, with the number being the amount necessary to buy them out. The 'Position(s)' column is taken from baseball-reference.com (an asterisk before a position means they played 2/3 of their teams games at that position; everything after the slash means they played less than 10 games at those positions (I think D must mean DH). Finally, as a reminder (even though this isn't new), in the 'Ct' column (usually showing the length of a contract), there are some players showing a 'P'. That means the player was an in-season pickup that must be given back after the season ends.

In all of these files, I've named the active sheet using the date it was last modified. You can find this date in the lower left corner as the sheet name (today's files have their sheets named 2019-10-06).

2019 League Average OPS

DATE: Oct-05, 2019

Depending on which source you're using, there was a little disagreement in the league average OPS for the 2019 season. ESPN listed it as .757, while others (including Baseball-Reference) listed it as .758.

So, I decided to make an exact calculation using the following:

(42040 Hits + 15895 BB + 1984 HBP) / (166651 AB + 15895 BB + 1984 HBP + 1150 SF) = .32270 OBP

72469 TB / 166651 AB = .43485 SLG

Using standard rounding gives us a .758 (which was .75755 before rounding) league average OPS.

Hitters at or below .633 will be considered unlimited.

Pitchers at or above .808 will be considered unlimited.

Thanks to the message board posts for reminding me to post this.

Pilots-Yellow Jackets Trade

DATE: Oct-01, 2019

To Yellow Jackets: 14K

To Pilots: Zack Granite

Expos-Pilots Trade

DATE: Sep-29, 2019

To Expos: RHP Matt Wisler

To Pilots: 5K

Bandits-Knights Trade

DATE: Sep-29, 2019

To Bandits: RHP Sergio Romo and 25K

To Knights: 1B Lewin Diaz

Captains-Pilots Trade

DATE: Sep-27, 2019

To Captains: OF Jo Adell and 3B Brian Dalbac

To Pilots: RHP Zach Davies, RHP Hector Neris, RHP Seth Lugo, OF Yadiel Hernandez, and OF Josh Stowers

Expos-Highlanders Trade

DATE: Sep-27, 2019

To Expos: OF Chad Pinder and 5K

To Highlanders: SS Lucius Fox and OF Brock Deatherage

Indians-Yeallow Jackets Trade

DATE: Sep-27, 2019

To Indians: RHP DeMarcus Evans and 20K

To Yellow Jackets: RHP Daniel Hudson

Highlanders-Pilots Trade

DATE: Sep-24, 2019

To Highlanders: LHP Kris Bubic, RHP Trevor Stephan, 1B Tyler Nevin and 35K

To Pilots: LHP Alex Young

Browns-Indians Trade

DATE: Sep-24, 2019

To Browns: OF Will Benson, SS Sergio Alcantera and 15K

To Indians: 2B Adam Frazier and OF Myles Straw

Browns-Pilots Trade

DATE: Sep-22, 2019

To Browns: 2B Franklin Barreto and RHP Slade Cecconi

To Pilots: OF Tyler Naquin

Expos-Knights Trade

DATE: Sep-19, 2019

To Expos: OF Mallex Smith, LHP Daniel Norris, LHP Ryan Borucki, RHP Jose DeLeon, RHP Michael Grove

To Knights: LHP Dallas Keuchel

Expos-Pilots Trade

DATE: Sep-19, 2019

To Expos: C Wilson Ramos

To Pilots: RHP Matt Festa and LHP Jose Suarez

Updates Completed

DATE: Sep-15, 2019

The 'behind the scenes' software version updates to the message board and to certain website files has been successfully completed.

Everything should be just as it was before the updates.

Website Updates in Progress

DATE: Sep-15, 2019

Our webhost is going to be updating the version of PHP our website can use in the not too distant future, so right now our message board software is being updated to the latest version... as well as some of the files for the main website.

During this period, the message board won't be accessible.

When everything is successfully completed, you shouldn't notice any differences with either the website or the message board. Everything being done is behind the scenes.

I'll make a post here once these updates are completed.

Pilots-Reds Trade

DATE: Sep-15, 2019

To Reds: OF Brett Gardner

To Pilots: 3B Wyatt Mathisen and RHP Tyler Phillips

Grays-Mudhens Trade

DATE: Sep-15, 2019

To Grays: RHP Scott Oberg

To Mudhens: C Alejandro Kirk and SS Terrin Vavra

Mudhens-Pilots Trade

DATE: Sep-12, 2019

To Mudhens: OF Chris Shaw

To Pilots: LHP Drew Smyly

Grays-Yellow Jackets Trade

DATE: Sep-03, 2019

To Grays: SS Dansby Swanson, OF AJ Pollock, 10K

To Yellow Jackets: OF JD Martinez, SS Brandon Crawford, 1B Justin Smoak

Reds-Pelicans Trade

DATE: Sep-02, 2019

To Reds: SS Freddy Galvis

To Pelicans: 3B Todd Frazier

Pilots-Captains Trade

DATE: Sep-01, 2019

To Captains: OF Domingo Santana

To Pilots: P Peter Lambert, 19K

Pilots-Highlanders Trade

DATE: Sep-01, 2019

To Pilots: SS Jose Iglesias

To Highlanders: SS Aramis Ademan, 90K

A Flurry of Trades to Kick-Off the Off-Season

DATE: Sep-01, 2019

I will fairly regularly post and updated Master Roster (look for the "as of" date at the top) and Current Money totals on the dropdowns as trades occur. Note: on the Current Money Totals, the money will be correct; I won't be adjusting player numbers until the end of trading and just prior to payroll time.

To Pilots: OF Jarrod Dyson, C Tyler Flowers

To Firebirds: 62K


To Pilots: 3B/OF Brian Anderson

To Stars: SS Amed Rosario


To Pilots: 1B/DH Miguel Cabrera

To Gypsies: 20K


To Pilots: C Wilson ramos

To Grays: OF Alexander Canario, 8K


To River Dogs: OF Mike Siani, 2B Max Schrock

To Pilots: OF Brett Gardner