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Jan-28, 2021

Unowned Draft Lists In by Midnight EST

Jan-30, 2021

Unowned Player Draft

Feb-08, 2021

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Bandits / Yellow Jackets Trade

DATE: Jan-25, 2021

To Bandits: C Yasmani Grandal

To Yellow Jackets: LHP Robbie Ray, C Mitch Garver and RHP Jacob Nix

Bandits / Whales Trade

DATE: Jan-25, 2021

To Bandits: OF Teoscar Hernandez

To Whales: OF David Dahl and 2B Ryan McMahon

Master Roster Updated

DATE: Jan-23, 2021

The Master Roster file in the downloads dropdown has been updated... and will be again after the Unowned Player Draft.

Bandits / Highlanders Trade

DATE: Jan-23, 2021

To Bandits: SS Xander Bogaerts

To Highlanders: SS Orlando Arcia, SS Roderick Arias, OF Cristian Vaquero, and SS Cristian Hernandez.

Grays / Mudhens Trade

DATE: Jan-14, 2021

To Grays: RHP Sonny Gray

To Mudhens: LHP Kyle Freeland, SS Estiven Machado, and RHP Matt Canterino

Express / Pilots Trade

DATE: Jan-07, 2021

To Expos: C Jacob Nottingham

To Pilots: C Israel Pineda

Pilots / Yellow Jackets Trade

DATE: Jan-03, 2021

To Pilots: OF Kevin Kiermaier

To Yellow Jackets: RHP Travis MacGregor, OF Magnueris Sierra and 75k

Monarchs / Pilots Trade

DATE: Jan-03, 2021

To Monarchs: LHP Jordan Montgomery, 3B Miguel Andujar, RHP Craig Stammen and RHP Rowan Wick

To Pilots: C Kurt Suzuki and LHP Zach Thompson

Highlanders / Pilots Trade

DATE: Jan-01, 2021

To Highlanders: C Ian Moller, OF Ethan Wilson and SS Marcello Mayer

To Pilots: LHP Brad Hand and SS Owen Miller

Highlanders / Yellow Jackets Trade

DATE: Jan-01, 2021

To Highlanders: RHP Brandon Workman

To Yellow Jackets: 42K

Monarchs / Mudhens Trade

DATE: Jan-01, 2021

To Monarchs: 3B Kyle Seager and SS Leury Garcia

To Mudhens: SS Anthony Volpe, OF Estevan Florial and RHP Joe Boyle

Unowned Player Draft date set

DATE: Dec-27, 2020

The date for our Unowned Player Draft has been set for Saturday, January 23rd.

Don't send your draft lists just yet. Once I get the draft lists finished for the Blaze and Colt .45s and once Lloyd finishes his Pelicans' list, I'll let you know it's safe to start sending in your lists... which need to go to me and to Lloyd.

The deadline for submitting your lists is Thursday (January 21st) evening at midnight EST.

Free Agent Draft Results

DATE: Dec-12, 2020

Here’s how the 2020 Free Agent Draft played out for the 24 players in the pool:

10 free agents were retained without getting any active bids:
Givens, Mychal (Yellow Jackets) - 60K
Gonzalez, Giovanny (Pelicans) - 80K
Hernandez, Enrique (Dodgers) - 106K
Kemp, Tony (River Dogs) - 25K
Kipnis, Jason (Monarchs) - 60K
Panik, Joe (Dodgers) - 40K
Petit, Yusmeiro (Bandits) - 79K
Renfroe, Hunter (River Dogs) - 38K
Soria, Joakim (Colt .45s) - 105K
Turner, Justin (Grays) - 132K

2 teams matched bids and retained their players:
Seager, Kyle (Mudhens) match a 132K bid
Watson, Tony (Pelicans) match a 101K bid

3 free agents without answering rights were selected away from their original teams:
Hernandez, Cesar (old team: Knights) - 121K to the Reds
Maldonado, Martin (old team: Bandits) - 91K to the Gypsies
Workman, Brandon (old team: Highlanders) - 39K to the Yellow Jackets

9 free agents with answering rights changed teams due to bids not being answered:
Aguilar, Jesus    (old team: Monarchs) 132K to the Reds
Altuve, Jose (old team: Mudhens) 203K x 3 to the Browns
Cahill, Trevor (old team: Monarchs) 80K to the Grays
Calhoun, Kole (old team: Pilots) 174K to the Grays
Donaldson, Josh    (old team: Bandits) 182K x 3 to the Captains
Hicks, Aaron (old team: Monarchs) 167K to the Gypsies
Hosmer, Eric (old team: Monarchs) 166K to the Grays
Perez, Oliver (old team - Pelicans) 101K to the Reds
Suero, Wander (old team: Monarchs) 30K to the Yellow Jackets